A concise yet precise program – The Online Mini MBA

myBskool launches yet another exciting management program for those in the industry and for those who wish to make an entry into it. In addition to the already existing comprehensive programs tailor made for professionals in the industry, myBskool brings another exclusive program – a 6 week online mini MBA completely free of cost.

The online mini MBA is a non credit program which aims at providing a practical foundation in the current business practices. This brings a professional updated knowledge of the industry practices and the changes taking place in it. This program has been launched with the intention of providing a professional in the industry with an opportunity to build on knowledge that is necessary to make informed business decisions on the latest issues that are affecting organisations at present.

Business administration qualifications are much sought after by career seekers and organisations the world over. The demand for people who can become leaders in the future, come out with innovative suggestions and ideas in business is increasing every day. Professionals with a capacity and knowledge to steer the organisation towards success and a better future is what the industry is looking for. At this juncture, equipping oneself with a qualification in business administration will be an intelligent move.

Mybskool offers this comprehensive free online Mini MBA program through a next generation Distance Learning Model using a fully interactive and Collaborative online social learning platform. This is an intensive yet flexible program which makes it most convenient for working professionals. This course covers the following subjects:                                                                            Economics for Managers; Managing HR in the 21st Century; Principles of Marketing and Business Communication

This course is open to anyone who wishes to update their working knowledge – Working Executives, Experienced Managers, Technical Professionals and also fresh graduates.

As a leading online B school, myBskool designs its courses to suit the career and personal aspirations of students. One can start a program anytime and learn at a pace suitable to oneself. The 6 week online Mini MBA is one of them.

This is a wonderful opportunity to upgrade yourself to the demands of the industry and do not let this get past you. The learners of this free online Mini MBA program also have the option to upgrade to a Certification Program. For more details, visit our website http://mybskool.com   and enroll yourself for an excellent program which will give you a strong footing in the industry.




Bask in the glory of your accomplishments with myBskool and MMA.

Anita is a proud mother of two teenagers and also a popular teacher at the school she teaches. She inspires not only her children but also scores of students to perform well in their qualifying exams. A good counselor for the students, she helps them put their best foot forward.
Anita comes across to us as a very confident and motivating personality, is n’t it? But the twist in the story is that Anita has not tried to write any qualifying exam after she started teaching. Well, you may be puzzled but the fact remains that Anita feels that exams are not her cup of tea. Actually there are scores of Anitas who shy away at the thought of exams or assessments. There are even successful professionals who are content with knowledge development and do not want to attempt any assessments.
What actually is the underlying cause of this? Having stayed away from the routine of academics could be a reason and the fear of not being able to perform to the expected level could be another. Even a full time career that does not allow time for preparing for assessments can be another reason.
myBskool takes a step forward in making the system of assessment an easy and attainable goal by introducing a Certificate of Accomplishment awarded by MMA as an option for those who have signed for the online mini MBA program. There is no separate online exam and you are assessed on the basis of the completion of course.
Simply put, those who have completed 45 hours of online learning in mini MBA are considered eligible for this. The program offers 86 QWERLS in total as a part of the program. myBskool makes it simpler in that if you attempt 50 QWERLS and have an aggregate of 45, you can receive a certificate of accomplishment. Doesn’t it look like an achievable target?
Having put in hours of learning and as a small accolade of time well spent, you should definitely have your accomplishment recorded in a certificate. Everyone likes to be recognized for their efforts and this certificate should boost your confidence and leave you with a feeling that you still can take up academic courses successfully.
Do not let the fear of failure hold you back from realizing your potential. Take this one of a kind offer from myBskool as the first step towards more academic accomplishments and sign up for the online mini MBA today! Make a certificate of accomplishment your own at a nominal fee. Visit http://mybskool.com for more details and be a part of this unique offer from myBskool.

myBskool’s new virtual look!

myBskool is India’s premier online B school headed by a group of people for whom innovative thinking is a way of life. When academicians and entrepreneurs find a common platform, great milestones are achieved. MyBskool is one such example and a novel venture by ThinkBig Edu Venture (India) Pvt Ltd where a variety of management courses are offered online.

myBskool sports a new look with innovation in its website by making it more user friendly and informative. All information that an aspiring management student may want to know is readily available on the website and easily accessible.

If you are somebody who is interested in a detailed insight about the people behind the institution, then click on ‘About’ and everything you want to know about the management, faculty and advisors is before you!

Looking for a ready reckoner about the programs offered by myBskool proceed to the head ‘Programs’. Information about the various programs is described in detail with reference to the subjects, who can apply, highlights of the course along with video clippings. If you still have queries, make use of the Query section and get more details.

The layout of the site is such that even application forms can be downloaded for the relevant programs directly from the website and online payment facility is also available.

Other than myBskool’s own programs, a number of courses are offered in collaboration with Madras Management Association [MMA], Institute of Management and Technology [IIMT] and Mahatma Gandhi University.

The regular courses cater to people from all backgrounds – students to executives to even those who are looking for second career options. The courses offered include online mini MBA, Certificate program in Business management, Executive diploma in Business administration and Executive post graduate program in management.

In addition to this, an attractive new offer from the myBskool stable is the free online courses of one month duration which includes Project management, Supply chain management, Production and operations management, Social media marketing, Managing finance and Business strategy.

Over One Lakh Students, about 1 million learning hours a month, around 4500 video lectures, weekly live classes by top-notch faculty and experts from the industry. Anywhere, anytime access from PC, tablet and smart phone. Association with some of the leading institutions of India. A wide array of management programs which are completely online. Could you ask for more from one institution?

Visit http://www.mybskool.com and sign up for a course of your choice.

Growing Popularity of E-MBA

Trained chartered accountants, qualified and experienced engineers, communication professionals- occupying senior positions in their organisations are all realizing one thing- the need for a management qualification!

The need for management qualifications is being felt by top executives of organisations to cope with the changing business scenario in India, to grow further in the organisation or even to stay ahead of competition. Nowadays, an increasing number of working professionals and top executives are signing up for corporate education programs or executive education programs or simply put Executive MBA or executive PGPM.

With the ever increasing number of Indian companies becoming global in nature, the executives are fast realizing that lack of knowledge and skill will turn out to be a major hurdle in their own growth with also the lurking danger of being left behind . The business environment is changing fast and organisations are becoming demanding about knowledge updating among their employees especially top executives. A number of top order working professionals who did not receive management education in their early days are now opting for these programs to upgrade their skills.

What is exactly bringing these top tier executives to the learning table?

The need for knowledge of fundamentals of management to lead large teams efficiently, changing business environment and globalization,  a feeling that people who don’t upgrade themselves will become outdated and stiff competition are all reasons for this.

B schools all over India are offering a variety of programs for the working professionals across all tiers in an organisation. The programs range from ones of short duration to part time programs. Online B -schools are also catering to the professionals who have to balance career and education.

India has a tremendous potential for growth and there is a growing need for trained, skilled managers who can take the organisation to the heights of growth. Despite economic upheavals across the world and slow domestic growth, executive management education will change the business scene in India.

Having a foresight of all this and keeping in mind the busy schedule of a working professional, myBskool has introduced specific programs for the executives with all the flexibility desired by them. Visit http://mybskool.com for more details.

Changing trend of education in Andhra Pradesh – the shift from conventional to online.

Situated on the south eastern coast of India, Andhra Pradesh enjoys a very favourable location on the map of India.  In addition to the picturesque locations, the prestigious space research centre and the most modern ports, Andhra Pradesh is also home to some world class education centres. It has more than 20 world class institutions offering higher education and is a much sought after destination for education in India.

The state did not have a good ranking as far as higher education was concerned but recently the scenario has changed. The youth of the state are pursuing higher education both inside and outside the state which has extended to also outside the country.

Andhra Pradesh does not only cater to the conventional methods of education but also online education which has gained immense popularity in the recent past. Taking advantage of the technology, accessibility and convenience, the youth are adopting online management courses in Andra Pradesh in considerable numbers.

The education trends in the top cities of Andhra Pradesh.

Hyderabad as the nerve centre of the IT industry has a large number of students and working professionals opting for online management courses in Hyderabad further their career. Besides having some of the top class management schools there, Hyderabad has a sizeable population who choose online management courses. Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam as the next two top cities have not been left far behind and are developing a population who are taking dual advantage of education and technology.

The mindset of opting for educational institutions and B-schools within the state has taken a change and more and more people are taking up educational programmes in institutes outside the state. As the pace at which higher and online education is gaining prominence in the state, Andhra Pradesh is certainly charting its course in educational development.

myBskool, the completely online B-school, is also privileged to be part of this process and has considerable number of students from the state enrolled in its various online programmes. So, if you are somebody procrastinating signing up for an online management course, make a decision today. Visit http://mybskool.com to enroll yourself and set the ball rolling for the enhancement of your career.

Online mini-MBA: the future of MBA education

We live in the “instant” age where everyone wants things to happen very quickly. From coffee to noodles and from cricket to Google, everything has adopted an “instant” version. Not only do people want them instantly but also conveniently packed and attractive!

When everything is available in small doses, why should education be far behind? Courses of small duration have become extremely popular today to the extent some professional courses are also of short duration. One such course is the “online mini-MBA” offered by myBskool. It’s a unique programme that offers a glimpse of an actual MBA but lasts only 100 days. Well isn’t that something everyone is looking for?

If you’re wondering what one can learn in such a short duration, here is the answer.
It’s a non-credit, completely online programme which is intensive but flexible. It provides one with the practical foundation required in present day business practices as well as the basic knowledge to make critical business decisions.

What are the advantages of this course?
It can be accessed anywhere, anytime if you have a computer, tablet or even a smartphone. That’s quite an attractive feature isn’t it? The learning process has video learning modules and a collaborative platform to interact with peers and faculty. Have a doubt about the content? Simply move to the chat and discussion forum to get it cleared. In addition to the periodic live virtual classes, the end of each module has a self-assessment module to help you evaluate the learning outcome.

If a thought crosses your mind “This is not for me”, then you are mistaken. The online mini-MBA is for everyone – from students who seek an exposure to management and business education to experienced managers who want to update their knowledge. If you are moving from a technical post to a managerial one, this is for you.
Try the online mini-MBA at myBskool today and get a taste of the world of business management!

MyBskool has a wide variety of online management programs designed to suit every working professional whatever be their field of specialization. Right from 1 month Management courses to the new entrant to specialized courses for the experienced managers, myBskool has it all. The unlimited, easy access, flexibility , technology in education are what a busy professional of today looks to in any educational program .myBskool has all of it served to you in neat modules with no hassles attached.