E-learning – the future of education

There is something that has pervaded every sphere of our life and changed the entire outlook of man towards life. Technology has seeped into every aspect of our daily life and is bringing in mind blowing changes. It has taken over the system of communication and is slowly making its way into the world of education.

Providing good quality education with the aid of technology is now popularly known as E- learning. It is effective, empowers individuals and is comprehensive. It uses technology to build knowledge and skills for individual learning goals or even that of organisations and takes place in a friendly virtual environment.

How does E-learning help students?

It enhances the thinking capacity and makes them independent learners. It teaches them certain digital skills that are absolutely essential like self discipline, appropriate online behaviour, cyber safety and much more. It opens up an entirely new world for them which extends beyond their immediate environment.

It encompasses students from all parts of the world especially by providing access to students in rural areas which do not offer good conventional outlets for education. The idea of ‘learn anywhere, anytime’ provides immense advantage to many individuals who wish to take up higher education especially those pursuing a career.

Now E-learning is not restricted to students who seek better prospects but has found its way into the corporate world. As learning undergoes evolution every day, it is essential to keep the employees updated with the latest changes and developments. This is effectively provided by E – learning which uses technology to create a continuous learning platform.

Most of the E-learning modules are user friendly and updated in content. They can be applied to the workplace straightaway and changes can be seen instantly. The interactive formats allow space for discussion and exchange of ideas with a wide variety of individuals from various backgrounds.

With time becoming a rare commodity and knowledge enhancement mandatory, E-learning is the best choice to upgrade knowledge and skills in the friendliest and easiest format.

myBskool.com offers a number of courses for those who are looking for a convenient format of continuous learning through E-learning. The programs include the latest content and lively interactive sessions for exchange of ideas. This can be accessed by anyone who is looking for knowledge enhancement and wishes to use it as a stepping stone into the industry or wants to update oneself with the latest knowledge.

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Management MOOC at your finger tips.

Did you ever imagine that education would become so revolutionized that you could carry it with you wherever you go?

Well, that day has arrived.  If you are an aspirant for a management qualification, then you can carry your management classes with you on your Smart phone, Tablet or even access it from a PC with an active internet connection.

One of the leading B schools of India, Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai and  India’s leading online B school, myBskool.com have come together to offer a unique  MOOCs in Management.

If you are wondering what is unique about this MOOCs in Management, then just read on.

  • A choice of 20 to 25 subjects in Management is offered to the learner.
  • The course will cover over 500 learning hours.
  • Online video lectures by the best of faculty and those from the industry.
  • Live virtual classes by faculty drawn internationally and from India.
  • The facility of anytime, anywhere portable classroom which can be accessed from a smart phone, tablet and a PC.
  • Courses are free of charge with an option of with or without academic credit.


This is not all. MOOC in Management has more to offer making it an irresistible one.


  • A wide range of subjects to choose from and specialize in.
  • Interactive and collaborative features like discussion forums, online chats, quizzes, live virtual classrooms.
  • Can be accessed at the learner’s convenience at anytime from anywhere in the world making it very flexible.
  • A new concept of QWERLS [questions to reinforce learning] at the end of every chapter provide instant feedback to the learner and also helps them gauge their performance among peers.
  • Weekly case study discussions through the live virtual classroom of myBskool.com where current business topics will be taken up for discussion and debate.

This is definitely an offer not to be missed by avid learners of Management studies as it has a lot of features which are new to this field of education. This program is open to working professionals, executives, small business owners and students who wish to hone their skills in the areas of business and management.

To know more about this program, click here.

myBskool offers comprehensive Online Mini MBA program (Free) through a next generation Distance Learning Model using a fully Interactive & Collaborative online social learning platform.

Online EPGPM puts you on the threshold of success.

The industry is experiencing changes in outlook, functioning and as a result in requirements too. This change in perspective in the industry has opened up new avenues for individuals with varied skills and experience.

As a result, management education has emerged as the key sphere of higher education. The reason perhaps could be changing economic conditions and the global competition. MBA or its equivalent is a prestigious degree and qualified personnel are much sought after by small to big organisations.


But the traditional method of study is not everyone’s cup of tea. Students and those on the threshold of a career are looking out for study programs which could let them follow their regular course of study and also gain a management qualification as an added feather in the cap. This has paved the way for distance study programs or more so online management programs which combine technology and a considerable amount of flexibility to make it accessible to one and all.

Why do we see this growing preference towards online education especially the online MBA and other related programs?

  • Study where you’re most comfortable and when you’re most productive! Online learning offers the flexibility to learn from anywhere and anytime. Place and time is not a deciding factor anymore!


  • Study at your convenience! Students can plan a schedule that is most suitable for them and all they need is access to a computer and internet.


  • Update your skills with no interruption to your career or personal commitments. Individuals with full time careers or other commitments can also take advantage of this flexibility of online learning.


  •  Time is the biggest constraint for everyone. Online learning removes this where students can study at their own convenience as all content is available online.


  •  Online learning helps students to understand each lesson completely at their own pace before moving to the next resulting in more effective learning. As online course material can be accessed 24 hours unlike the conventional ones, students can read or review material anytime and devise their own method of study.


A great advantage of an online management program is that it is cost effective as one completes a program in about a year whereas regular programs extend to nearly two years. This becomes the choice of working professionals as it is quick and gives them the much required edge.

All these factors go a long way in prospective managers or existing managers opting for online management programs as the first choice. The growing competition, the fast pace of development of the industry has made it mandatory that individuals move ahead with the times.

Online MBA and related degrees like EPGPM have appeared on the horizon of learning as a ray of hope to those who cannot pursue regular courses. It is like the silver lining on the cloud to many and has opened the doors of education to a large number of individuals.

With the top brass of the industry opening up to online management programs, it will be the stepping stone to success to many working professionals. In a world where competition and success are the requirements of the day, an individual with a management qualification is welcome aboard to pave the way to success.

The Executive Post Graduate Program in Management at myBskool.com has been designed to equip middle level executives with management and analytical skills necessary for leadership roles and effective decision making. You  not only achieve a strong academic knowledge in management theory and practice but you will also sharpen your strategic decision making abilities, build powerful teams, be a change agent, and most importantly make companies and people win in this ever changing world of business.

myBskool.com offers the world’s most relevant and student-centric post graduate level programs in management delivered through a virtual and collaborative platform, teaching concepts and tools that are immediately actionable in the real world of business.

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myBskool offers comprehensive Online Mini MBA program (Free) through a next generation Distance Learning Model using a fully Interactive & Collaborative online social learning platform.

The industry warms up to Certified Project Manager Specialists.

The world has been through tumultuous times and the sphere that has taken the brunt of this uncertainty is the economy. Now as things are becoming clearer and settled, new trends are emerging, new job markets are being created and the demand is back again.

At present, Project Managers are very much in the limelight and finding great prospects for future growth. This can be attributed to a growing international demand, outsourcing and also a growth in technology. According to a survey, 1.2 million positions will need to be filled in by the year 2016 and the demand is foraying into healthcare, infrastructure development and even green technology.

It is definitely good news that project management as an independent career option is here to stay and individuals with industry specific skills and knowledge are much in demand.

In a recent survey listing the top 50 jobs, a Project Manager’s job was ranked at the fifth position. This speaks volumes about the growing demand for project managers all over the world. The other good news trickling in is that many organisations will be launching new projects and even restarting projects that were shelved during the tricky economic situation.

Project Management is enjoying a growth rate of around 30 %. The increasing growth rate will also lead to high demand but will be accompanied by competition at its highest. This will lead to requirement of specialization of knowledge. Therefore, one needs to keep looking out for opportunities to enhance knowledge.

Globalization can be turned to advantage by aspiring Project Managers by gaining on knowledge and experience. It calls for more skills from Project Managers for a successful career outing.

Organisations are on the path to realization that better business prospects require good Project Managers. A shifting preference is seen towards trained individuals who will propel the business goals of an organisation.

The focus of organisations for success has shifted from methodology to business and strategy. To take their organisation forward, competent and qualified individuals are being brought to the forefront. So, in a nutshell, prospects for qualified Project Managers are bright on the industrial horizon

With the number of aspirants increasing day by day, hiring organisations will have to formulate some guidelines for recruitment. So, it may boil down to some extra qualification which may become the parameter for recruitment. Realizing this trend, more and more people are signing up for Certification courses which provide them the extra edge.

A Certified Project Management Specialist is becoming the preference of employers and also those seeking employment as they add to the level of competence and efficiency of an individual.

myBskool’s Certification Program in Project Management in partnership with Madras Management Association is a 30 day program which is completely online. Programs at myBskool are designed to suit the needs of working professionals who have difficulty in pursuing regular courses.

If you are a working professional, then you can pursue this program from anywhere at any time convenient to you. The flexibility makes it a program that is available on your terms as far access to it is concerned. If you travel or have a very busy work schedule, this is most apt for you. You can access the content from anywhere with an active internet and move ahead in acquiring specialized knowledge.

If you wish to make headway as a qualified project manager, then click here for more details about the program.

myBskool offers comprehensive Online Mini MBA program (Free) through a next generation Distance Learning Model using a fully Interactive & Collaborative online social learning platform.

E- Learning is the way forward.

Ashok has been running his business for about more than a decade. He is adept at his business and knows exactly what needs to be done in his venture and how to handle crisis.

Rajan has been working in an organisation for about nearly 15 years and is considered an expert in his field.

These are two individuals who are from different backgrounds but they have something in common. They have taken up learning programs in their respective fields to further and update their knowledge.

Ashok says that though he can tell his employees what needs to be done, he could not explain clearly why it needs to be done so. The learning program he opted for, provided him the skill and ability to explain his actions. Rajan feels his knowledge is not in keeping with the times and he needs to gain more knowledge of the recent developments in the industry.

These are just two instances of individuals who have opted to update their skills and knowledge through a learning program. This is what is now termed as continuous learning and is essentially becoming a necessity these days. This can be attributed to the changes and development in technology and is being felt in almost every occupational field.

Keeping the process of learning going on has become essential to be competent in one’s field of work and learning new concepts to move ahead with the changing times.

Technology has not only changed the approach of industrial development but changed the means of education too. Now traditional learning is giving way to or even blending e-learning into its methods. E-learning is turning out to be advantageous to the working professionals who want to balance work and learning.

E-learning is simply learning using the latest technology at anytime from anywhere. It provides the unique advantage of learning with flexibility at one’s own pace from any part of the world.

Most of the E-learning modules are user friendly and much updated in content. They can be applied to the workplace straightaway and changes can be seen instantly. The interactive formats allow space for discussion and exchange of ideas with a wide variety of individuals from various backgrounds.

With time to spare becoming sparse but knowledge enhancement becoming almost mandatory, E-learning is here to stay as the best choice to upgrade knowledge and skills in the friendliest format.

myBskool.com is offering a number of courses for those who wish to take on continuous learning through E-learning. The programs include the latest content and include interactive sessions for exchange of ideas. This can be accessed by anyone who is looking for knowledge enhancement be it from within the industry or outside.

This New Year can perhaps be marked by decisions to take on continuous learning through E-learning and pave the way for a brighter and better way in the sphere of career improvement. To know more about myBskool.com click here.

myBskool offers comprehensive Online Mini MBA program (Free) through a next generation Distance Learning Model using a fully Interactive & Collaborative online social learning platform.

Change to a Certified Business Manager with myBskool.

Change is the order of the day. We find changes happening at break neck speed in almost every sphere around us. Before we get swept away by this wave of change, we need to equip ourselves to face it and move along with the tide.

The industry also is facing enormous changes and those in it need to be well prepared to tackle the changes and lead the organisation to success. To help executives upgrade their knowledge and lead from the front, myBskool and MMA have designed the exclusive Certified Business Manager program.

A business manager needs to create the atmosphere for change by creating a vision and building a strong team. This vision must be communicated to the team clearly and here the manager has to be adept in the skills of communication. Not only this, business managers must be able to lead and manage a number of change creating projects which propel the organisation towards success. These are the concepts which the Certified Business Manager program focuses on.

A business manager must be able to make others see, feel and understand the need to go ahead and implement new ideas and thoughts. Implementing new ideas and sustaining them plays an important role in the growth of an organisation. For achieving this, a business manager must update his skills and knowledge and this exactly what the myBskool’s Certified Business Manager program is built on.

The program provides an insight into key management models that helps improve business performance which you could come back to again and again to add the scientific touch to your decisions. The program also encompasses certain Key Performance Indicators which will help you understand whether you are on a path to success. The examples will help understand the nuances of business and how the important factors like Net profit margin, Customer Satisfaction, Brand Equity etc the growth of business.

Finance is the backbone of any business venture and decides the success of any business. This module of the Certified Business manager program gives you a fair idea of business ratios and how they present the business happenings in your organisation. The Key management Ratio provides all necessary details about business ratios and help manage business more effectively.

To be concise, this Certified Business manager program of myBskool.com provides all knowledge and skills needed by an executive or even those who aspire to be one in the form of a ready reckoner. If you want to be the manager who leads from the front and handle your business effectively, this is the program for you. To know more about this program click here.

myBskool offers comprehensive Online Mini MBA program (Free) through a next generation Distance Learning Model using a fully Interactive & Collaborative online social learning platform.

Happy Holidays!!

Green inside green – sounds very absurd? Well, that is how Vagamon can be described for you. It is a place amidst lush green hills and meadows. In the green country side of Kerala is a greener spot on the hills.

Grass covered hills, green meadows, cool mountain air is what this town on the fringe of the Western Ghats has to offer to the visitor. It is a sleepy hill station on the Kottayam –Idukki border of Kerala. It is surrounded by nature in its pure, undiluted form and it is said – You have to experience Vagamon, not read about it. I would like you to read about it, so that you can experience it.

To reach this exquisite place, one could reach Kottayam, the nearest rail head and then proceed to Peermedu which is 25 km away from Vagamon. The nearest airport is at Kochi.

Vagamon has a lot to offer to the visitor other than its enchanting beauty. Let us get to know about a few.

The Kurisumala Ashram or monastery which is on the Kurisumala hill and a famous pilgrimage centre is a place to be visited and is steeped in peace and calm. The dairy farms here are a big attraction. Good Friday celebrations bring in devotees from far and near to this place when devotees climb the hill carrying wooden crosses.

Thangal Para, a huge rock about 5 kms from Vagamon houses a durgah which is the final resting place of Sheikh Fariduddin Baba, a Sufi saint. The Uroos festival is very famous and brings in a lot of devotees.

Next to Thangal Para is the Murugan Hill which hosts a temple dedicated to Lord Murugan. The temple has been carved out from a single rock.

The Pine Forests of Vagamon are famous the world over having featured in many Indian movies. It is an ideal getaway to enjoy the quietitude of nature and soak in the smell of the pines. It is the best place for outdoor fun and trekking.

Waterfalls are many and can be seen stretching all over the hills and the forests. They are ideal locations to enjoy the vagaries of nature.

Mooppanpara is close to Thangalpara and it overlooks a V shaped gorge. Though the way up here is exhausting, it is worth the climb. It is also popularly known as Suicide Point. One can look out for some adventure sports here like paragliding.

Urumbi Hills, adjacent to Idukki dam is the ideal choice for trekking enthusiasts. One can try out some canoe paddling too.

Moon Hills about 2kms from Vagamon is at such a height [4000 feet] that one can see the waters of the Idukki dam from here.

The most famous are the meadows of Vagamon and a walk through it is considered as an experience of a lifetime.

Just like recreation is essential for the body and mind, doing what one would like to do without stress is also necessary. myBskool.com intends to do the same through its online management programs. Its programs are created to provide learning opportunities to working executives or anyone who has an inclination towards learning. The completely online programs make it easy to blend it into the daily routine and follow a self paced study pattern.

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myBskool offers comprehensive Online Mini MBA program (Free) through a next generation Distance Learning Model using a fully Interactive & Collaborative online social learning platform.

What makes MOOCs in India so popular?

Education has always been a realm which has seen many changes or even upheavals which have altered the very concept of education itself.

In India, education was imparted in natural surroundings along with many life skills. Later it shifted to classrooms and now it has again moved out of classrooms in a different manner though. All thanks to Massive Open Online Courses [MOOC]. This is not an Indian phenomenon but a concept that has taken the world by storm.

The idea that networks could provide knowledge inspired the Canadian educator George Siemens to use the concept of “connectivism and connective learning”. Along with Stephen Downes, he developed a format of online courses which were open to all. It was called Connectivism and Connective Learning/2008 and gave an opportunity to a large number of students to connect among themselves. They used many platforms such as the forums, blogs and social networking sites and learning changed from a personal to an interconnected one.

The term MOOC was coined during one such class to 25 tuition paying students at the University of Manitoba along with 2300 students who took the classes free of cost.

This concept of MOOC has taken the education world into its folds and students from all walks of life are becoming a part of it. It is massive as it encompasses a large number of students which may not be possible in a classroom atmosphere. It is open as it can be accessed by anyone interested without any criteria for admission and in some cases, as no payment courses. The connections between the instructor and students are open in that the exchange of knowledge is a two way process. It is completely online in the sense that learning is only through the web and in no other form. This is exactly the concept behind MOOC.

What makes MOOC so popular?

It is accessible to anyone who has an internet connection and learning can occur at anytime suited to the learner. The interactive platforms provide new insights to knowledge, ideas and perspectives to the participants. Peer learning and learning by networking is an advantage. It opens a world of learning possibilities to many who could not find avenues to learn and manage a career. It gives an equal opportunity to all to interact online and learn something different. The flexibility it offers regarding pace of study, access through any online tool with no limitations of time or boundaries makes it an attractive option.

Organisations are using this to mould their employees and move ahead with changing times. It helps to develop talent within the organisation and attract talent from outside. A number of employees opting for the same course leads to exchange of ideas and thoughts in relevance to the workplace.

MOOCs have become popular in India too with a large number of people opting for courses ranging from students to housewives to experienced executives as a knowledge enhancement tool. The coming years will see it finding more takers.

myBskool.com is a pioneer of sorts when it comes to MOOCs in India. It is one of the first completely online schools to offer Online management programs/Courses. It offers specialized programs suited to the needs of the industry and its professionals. The content is on par with the changing needs of the Indian industry and encompasses a variety of courses suited to the various aspects of industrial growth. This venture has thrown open a myriad of choices before those individuals who did not have much of a choice before them when it came to balancing work and education. Click here to know about myBskool.

myBskool offers comprehensive Online Mini MBA program (Free) through a next generation Distance Learning Model using a fully Interactive & Collaborative online social learning platform.

“Learning is a continuous process. It never ends.”

Most of us are aware of this but sometimes do not put in that extra effort to keep the learning going. A sense of contentment sweeps over us regarding learning which definitely is not going to take one places especially in these challenging times. Continuous learning has become a necessity in the era of today, whatever be your age or experience.

The myth that learning stops at school or college has definitely been broken. When one takes up a profession, it becomes more important to be constantly updated in the knowledge and the skills of that profession. To keep pace with the changing times and the new challenges in the industry, it has become imperative for the working professionals of today to keep the learning process going.

Professional development through learning is not new but has gained more importance in the recent years. This can be attributed to intense competition, increased technological advances and use of improved technology. What had been learnt a few years back becomes obsolete and is replaced by new knowledge constantly. It is widely believed that technical knowledge needs to be updated at frequent intervals. So it becomes increasingly necessary for working professionals to update skills and knowledge. As technology pervades into every aspect of the industry, the economy also turns to be knowledge based.

Some of the major criteria which demands that a professional keeps pace with the latest knowledge are

The general awareness of the consumers has increased considerably and they expect improved products using latest technology and a better level of service. To keep on par with these increased expectations, it demands that working professionals update themselves with latest knowledge.

More and more organisations are resorting to modern technology to ensure high quality of service and products. It is but natural that they expect their personnel also to possess knowledge of this and use it for the growth of the organisation.

The new generation of professionals enter the industry armed with the latest skills and knowledge and the experienced ones need to move up the ladder to keep pace with them.

Realizing the need of the hour and the restrictions experienced by working professionals in pursuing full time programs, myBskool.com has floated a variety of programs for the working professional who is looking for knowledge enhancement. These programs will easily blend with the demands of the career and yet help a professional keep abreast of the times. The easy anytime, anywhere access with the help of an active internet and a device, the programs of myBskool.com are available for the interested learner. The content of the programs are such to suit the changing needs of the industry.

As a working professional, if you wish to enhance your knowledge and skills to move with the times, then click here for more details.  See the magic it does to your career.

myBskool offers comprehensive Online Mini MBA program (Free) through a next generation Distance Learning Model using a fully Interactive & Collaborative online social learning platform.

Winter is here –head for the mountains.

Have you ever thought of a lovely winter holiday, away from the cares of life amidst nature at its dangerous best? Though we find a number of people rushing out of India for winter vacations, there are some lovely spots in our own backyard.

This time we travel all the way up to the Garhwal Himalayas in Uttarakhand to the snow covered city of Auli.

Auli is at a height of about 2500 to 3000 metres above sea level and is located quite close to the famous shrine of Badrinath.

If you are looking for an ideal winter getaway for a real time experience of winter fun, then Auli it must be. It is said to have one of the best skiing facilities in India.

The most ideal way to reach Auli would be to take a train from New Delhi to Hardiwar and then take the road.

Taking the air route, one could reach the airport at Jolly Grant, Dehradun.

If you prefer enjoying the mountains on your way, then one could reach Joshimath and then on, it is only 13 kms away.

Tourists prefer taking the cable car for the charming view and the experience. It is said to be Asia’s longest and highest ropeway extending to 4km and can be accessed from Joshimath.

The best time to visit Auli would be from March to June when the weather is pleasant with average temperatures of 15 degrees. For the winter tourist, November to February with temperatures reaching below freezing point is the season. This is ideal for skiing and to enjoy the snowfall.

Looking at the places or activities at Auli, skiing is slowly becoming popular. It is being considered as the best skiing place in Asia. There are 4 ski slopes in Auli – 10 no Slope [White and 900 m], 8no Track [Blue and 800 m], temple Track for beginners [400 m] and Composite Slopes [3.1km].

The world’s highest man- made lake is at Auli. It has been developed with the need of creating artificial snow in the slopes during low snowfall. The water is used in the snow guns found along the slope. The lake is a sight worth watching.

The place provides some fascinating views of nearby mountain peaks like Mana, Kamet and Nanda Devi. It is a unique experience to watch the various hues of nature at sunset on these peaks.

For those interested in wild nature, trekking provides some exciting options. The trails available are – Auli-Gorson, Gorson –Tali, Tali- Kuari Pass, Kuari Pass – Khulara and Khulara –Tapovan.

For the spiritually inclined, there are a few temples around the place. Some religious spots to visit could be Vishnu Prayag, Badrinath, Joshimath and Tapovan.

Auli is definitely a place to head to for a relaxed winter holiday amidst the tranquility of nature. It refreshes the mind and brings back one refreshed for a go at the challenges of life.

myBskool.com believes that holidays and breaks from one’s routine are necessary but breaks from work are not needed to pursue higher studies or specialization programs. That is why its online management programs are designed to blend with the routine of working professionals or those pursuing other activities. myBskool.com aims at making learning a wholesome experience which leaves the learner enriched with knowledge and skills.

If you would like to know more about the programs at myBskool.com, click here.

myBskool offers comprehensive Online Mini MBA program (Free) through a next generation Distance Learning Model using a fully Interactive & Collaborative online social learning platform.