Success lies in simplicity.

What do we do when faced with problems? Some of us handle it calmly to find solutions and still others are flabbergasted by it totally. Even among those who find solutions, there are some who have a capacity to find simple solutions which goes a long way.
In one of Japan’s biggest cosmetic companies, a very strange complaint was received. On purchasing a soap bar, one of the customers received an empty carton. It was devoid of the soap bar.
It was a matter of grave concern. The top brass called an emergency meeting to find the root of the problem. It was traced to the assembly line which transported the packaged cartons to the delivery department. For some reason unknown, one carton managed to make it empty to the delivery department. The engineers were called to find a solution so that such mistakes did not happen in future. The engineers researched and worked very hard to find a lasting solution. They devised an X-Ray machine with high resolution monitors. These were manned by two personnel who had to observe every soap carton and make sure it was not empty. They worked very hard to find this solution and spent a large amount for the device.
This same problem was faced by another small organisation and the employees were asked to come up with a solution. One of them came up with an instant solution. He asked for a strong industrial electric fan and placed it near the assembly line.
When the soap cartons were passing through the assembly line, the fan was switched on. As each soap carton went past the fan, the empty ones were blown away by the breeze generated from the fan. The solution was instant, simple and did not cost the organisation much.
It tells us that while looking for solutions, look for simple, effective ones. The thinking put in by the engineers and the employee was so different. The crux lay in the fact that they viewed the problem differently. The solution lies not in the magnitude of the problem but in how you look at it.
The various online management programs put together by also adhere to this simple need. The individuals working in an organisation should have practical knowledge of the task they undertake and be skilled to apply it as and when the situation warrants. The content is so designed that practical knowledge and skills are honed to the maximum. This is the need of the hour and has made it a significant part of all their programs. Click here to know more.

Direct yourself to Self-learning.

This is the era of changes- we see a marked change in almost everything around us and are in the process of adapting and accepting.
The concept of education has also undergone a change from being taught to teaching yourself. This is slowly becoming the accepted norm and ample opportunities are available. Students are also trying this form of learning to gain additional knowledge. Self directed learning is the latest form of learning on the block. This is not only followed by students but also employees in organisations.
Self directed learning is an approach to learning and can be followed in all forms of instructional teaching. It can be followed in schools along with guided teaching, colleges and in organisations. The biggest advantage is that is not bound by the time factor. It gives an individual the time to progress at one’s own pace. There are no crunching deadlines or the need to wait for scheduled sessions.
Self directed learners as employees are an asset and open to any form of learning. They approach learning with their own style and method. Even in pre designed modules they seek out the one that is most suitable for them.
Haw is a self directed learner employee an asset to the organisation?
• They adapt to changes faster and with ease.
• Challenges and problems do not deter them from carrying on with their assigned tasks.
• An increased level of confidence and problem solving ability is seen among them.
• A higher level of thinking and analytical skills is developed.
• They are usually individuals who are willing to share knowledge and relate to others easily.
• Leadership qualities can be seen in them.
• An enhanced performance at work can be observed.

Self directed learning should be encouraged by organisations among employees as it adds to their knowledge and performance at work. Once employees are engaged in self directed learning, the training and knowledge cum skill enhancement programs become more effective. has a number of management study based online programs which are based on the concept of self directed learning. These programs are available 24×7 and are flexible in format. The programs are so designed that they are user friendly and have no rigid schedules. These are what self directed learners look for in study programs. Click here to know more about the various programs offered by

Do not wait for success, go in search of it.

Success in life is something that most of us look forward to and work towards for the major part of our lives. How to achieve this elusive success is something that some of us can’t fathom.
I came across this very simple story and found it very impressive. This is what I share with you today.
An elderly gentleman had travelled from Eastern Europe to America to visit his children. The trip was solely to spend some time with his dear children and grand children. He found the life style and customs in this country quite strange.
He went out on walks by himself when his children were away at work. He was thoroughly enjoying his short sojourns around the place. During one of his trips around the place, he came across a cafeteria and decided to have something to eat. So, he found an empty table and sat down. He waited for someone to take his order and serve him. He waited for a while but nobody turned up.
Sometime later, a lady came and sat down at the table. She was carrying a tray filled with food. Having a look at the elderly man without a tray before him, she went on to tell him, “Pick up a tray and start out at this end. Fill your tray with whatever you would like to eat. At the other end they will tell you how much to pay. Nobody comes to serve you here.”
Later the elderly man shared what he observed. “Life is like the cafeteria here. You can get anything you want as long as you are willing to pay the price.”
It is the same with success. You can never achieve it if you want somebody to bring it to you. You have to go in search of it. You have to find it and get it yourself. In other words, success comes if you put in enough effort to achieve it.
If you are looking for success in your career, work towards achieving it. Make sure you have the requisites that can garner it for you. Look around and ensure that you are qualified, possess the required skills and knowledge to work towards achieving success.
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The new trend in education –distant yet personalized.

We all like to stay connected, whatever be the medium of connection. The recent trends indicate a tilt towards social tools being used as means not only for communication but also for learning and teaching.
It does not only involve using technology but the virtual interactions are getting a human element added to them. The trend is now connecting through visuals or voice for personal interactions, exchanging ideas, knowledge and learning from one another. We are very blatantly stepping into an era where social media will influence education, the educator and the educated.
Let us have a look at the social trends that will influence education in the days to come.
The most prominent among them will be sharing a collaborative platform. This is becoming extremely popular and adds to the experience of education whether done from a distance or from within an institution. It encourages team work and helps in sharing of knowledge. This will find more takers in the days to come especially with self directed leaning becoming a reality. Educators are also becoming a part of it which is definitely setting a positive trend. As it progresses, content will also start gaining importance and thus making it a complete learning tool.
Online learning or distance learning has to a certain extent matched classroom learning but has been lacking on the human touch or perspective. But now with various tools available, the face to face interactions are becoming a reality and expected to increase with development in technology. There is more opportunity for connecting with the educators, peers including exchange of ideas and personal feedbacks. This is becoming popular among the younger generation learners who like to have the best of both worlds.
The trend of self directed learning is growing not only among students but also among employees, professionals and educators. Here, one has complete control over what one wants to learn and does not rely on institutions or organisations to provide the learning opportunities. Here, the social media plays a very important role and is used comprehensively for education and knowledge gaining.
2014 sees the onset of a very different kind of education system and a very different learner too. Unlike the learners of yesterday, today’s learner – whether an employee or student likes to decide what to learn and how and has sufficient knowledge about the medium to use. This is the onset of a new trend in the education arena and is probably here to stay.
Having sensed the trend of education in the years to come, has myriad of programs designed to provide seamless learning at the learner’s convenience. The various management programs have been put together in such a way that one gets the benefit of online learning and at the same time enjoys the personalized touch of conventional learning. So, if you are looking for a management studies program to improve your knowledge coupled with interactive learning, then click here.

Positive attitude brings in a windfall.

Have you ever tried looking at only the positive side of things? It is tough to be positive always but worth an attempt. It sometimes brings in unexpected gains.
This is the story of a man who ran his family business of landscape gardening. It had been handed over to the third generation. What was unique about this place was everyone around was happy. The whole place exuded happiness and positive feelings.
The staff was happy and customers loved visiting this place for various work reasons like mowing their garden, creating flower beds to even buying garden equipment. It was the favourite stop for many who loved gardens and plants.
Most of them believed the atmosphere was such as they ran a very successful business. But the truth was it was the other way around. As they were happy, business was successful. The owner followed a very strange custom carried down the generations of wearing a lapel badge. It read ‘Business is great.’
Business was not always great. There were tough times but the owner’s attitude and his badge never changed. It remained the same. The badge was a great conversation starter. Some asked how business was so great and some spoke about their own ventures not doing well. This made the owner talk about the positive side of business and work. He would talk about how one could meet various interesting people every day, look at the interesting aspects of work, take on challenges and overcome them with the help of the employees and the joy of working in a relaxed environment.
He would go on to talk about the joy in doing new things. Implementing new ideas and how one learnt new things without realizing it. The list of positive things in work was endless and he could speak about it for hours. The best part was that every person who came with miserable thoughts would leave feeling happy and positive about life.
The attitude of the owner was infectious and influenced others easily. It was not easy to be positive like him. When asked about his badge, he would always say, “The badge came first. The great business followed.”
Positive feelings and attitude always bring in joy and happiness. This is followed by a relaxed, happy to work atmosphere. This is what organisation should strive for to bring out the best in their employees. Success automatically follows.
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E-learning makes its way into organisations.

Smart phones, tablets, net books are all devices which people are very consistently using in their daily life. The dependency on such devices is growing day by day that an employee would like to use it even for work. This is a growing reality that many organisations are facing and adapting to include it.
Many organizations have started training, learning and development programs as online programs not only because it is the most happening thing but that it has its own genuine benefits to bring along.
E-learning is the best thing to happen to the learning arena especially in organisations. It provides a golden opportunity to train and develop employees benefiting both the employee and employer. It provides the flexibility of learning which is what employees seek nowadays. The response from the employees is greater and better than in conventional methodology. E-learning brings in an opportunity for employees to develop skills, review it and apply it to their work.
How should E-learning programs be introduced to employees?
The first point to be considered by organisations is to understand the varying experience and existing knowledge of the employees. One standard program may not suit all and subtle variations will be needed. The best program which suits all employees needs to be put together by the organisation. This will create an interest factor and make delivery of the program easier.
Some of them may be apprehensive of such programs and here the organizations need to take special efforts to engage them and make them overcome the stigma of technology based learning. They also need to be briefed about the benefits of E-learning.
Once the employees are introduced to the concept of E-learning, they need to be trained to use it to avail the maximum benefit. This will be beneficial to both, employee and employer.
What should be the next step?
Once the introduction to E-learning is completed, then the next step is that of introducing the content. Techniques used in E-learning should be introduced and also how they help in learning with flexibility and also share their learning skills with others around the world. This helps in increasing effectiveness of the learning and efficiency in the workplace.
Is E-learning the future?
There is a marked change in the approach to communication with latest technology introducing sweeping effects. This new technology should be used in the work place and should include training programs too. It will give the employee the much needed flexibility to learn rather than being forced to learn at predetermined times. Those who are not sure of its benefits need to be educated and slowly incorporated into the new atmosphere.
It is definitely the future of learning methods and brings in a host of advantages to the individual and the organisation.
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Pave your way towards achieving your goals.

There are times in our life when we wish from the bottom of our hearts that we could make use of a golden opportunity coming our way in the best possible manner. It is quite a natural feeling but the question that matters is how prepared are we to make it our own. Something to think about……..
The story I have chosen for today is totally based on this thought. An elderly couple decided to shift to the country side and enjoy their retired status of life to the maximum. They felt the relaxed atmosphere of the countryside would give them an opportunity to enjoy life without any hurries and worries.
One of the windows of their cottage overlooked a heath land. The elderly woman used to spend some time everyday enjoying the scenic beauty. One day, she noticed a young man walking towards the heath and disappearing behind the trees. He was dressed in work clothes, carried a spade and a case. She assumed he was a either a farmer or someone doing a country side job.
But she saw him every day for almost two weeks. Now she started wondering what he was exactly doing there. She wanted to have a look and persuaded her husband to accompany her. The next day, they decided to reach the place before the young man arrived. When they reached the place, they were completely surprised to see a long trench which was quite deep too. The trench was quite uneven at one end but very neat towards the other end.
Just then, the young man arrived. The elderly woman went on to explain their presence there as “We were wondering what were you doing here every day and what was in the case.” The young man went on to explain that he was learning to dig a good trench. The job he had applied for, required experience and he was trying to gain that experience by working every day. The case held his lunch.
The other part of the story was that the young man got the job he was aiming for and it could definitely be traced to the hard work and effort he put in. So, if there is something that we hope to achieve in life, then we have to work hard towards attaining it. Not making any concerted effort will not help attain those goals and dreams. understands that many people nourish such dreams and are trying to work towards achieving them. At, we have paved a way for such aspiring individuals by introducing completely online management study programs. Whether you are making an entry into the industry or already a part of it but looking for further knowledge enhancement, is the place for you. The programs are designed to provide maximum flexibility and knowledge gain for any individual who hopes to carve a niche for oneself.
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Feel you are not competent to handle your career? Look for competency based education!

With more and more individuals seeking access to higher education, there is a enormous challenge facing the education sector.
Do the higher education facilities available today prepare the students for a stint in the working world? Simply put, does the education give them the skills and knowledge needed to take up a job and excel at it?
The answer from many of us may not be in the affirmative. Higher education is being accessed by more number of students now than in the past. But, the system needs a major change is the opinion of many.
Competency based education is the need of the hour. A system which will make an individual competent in one field or the other and open up career prospects is what is needed. This has to be a system which will be based on learning of content than number of hours attended. It can be a full time program or even online. It has to be essentially a self paced program where students study with flexibility but master the contents at the end of the program.
What are the general advantages of this kind of a program?
Flexibility will top the list as the key advantage as students learn according to their own schedule and pace. This helps people who are handling other responsibilities like a career. It gives them an opportunity to master certain skills and in the knowledge building process too.
Most programs are affordable and hence can reach out to many individuals who cannot afford formal higher education. So, it finds many more takers and spreads out far and wide across layers of the society.
It has a personalized touch to it as each individual has the freedom to learn in the manner they are comfortable with. There is no pressure to fall within a system with too many restrictions. This makes it more relaxing and enjoyable for the learner.
In such programs, individuals usually master skills that are essential to them than learning a number of skills which may not be of use to them at all in furthering their career. Competency based education generally is based on certain skill development or knowledge enhancement which can be put to complete use by the learning individuals.
In India, the value of competency based education is slowly being realized and more individuals are exercising their preference for it. Working professionals looking for higher education opportunities, students waiting to embark on a career are all on the lookout for such educational programs. It is making inroads into the system of higher education and will probably become more prominent in the years to come. has foreseen this growing demand for competency based learning and has compiled many management based study programs for working professionals, new entrants, entrepreneurs and also those looking for second career opportunities. The study programs of are completely online and flexibility is another name for these programs. Technology has been used extensively to make these programs accessible 24×7 in a very simple format. If you are one looking for competency based learning, click here to know more.

Put your best foot forward…… reap the benefits.

There are occasions when we do not put in our best little realizing that it may affect us in the long run. It is sometimes very important to maintain a positive attitude and go ahead in life.
This is the story of a very talented carpenter who had spent many years of his life building beautiful houses. Each of his creations was considered a masterpiece. Now he was tired of working and old age was catching up with him that he wanted to retire from his job. He went to the contractor whom he worked for and requested for retirement.
The contractor was too reluctant to let go of the carpenter but he realized that he was getting too old for the tough work. He requested the carpenter to build one house for the last time. The carpenter agreed to do so but he was not interested in the job. In contrast to all the excellent work he had churned out in the past, this job was very shoddy. The carpenter had lost all his motivation and was completing this just to keep up his word to the contractor.
On completion of the house, the carpenter was in for a surprise or more of a rude shock. The contractor handed over the keys to the carpenter and told him, “This is my gift to you for all the years of hard work that you put in.” The carpenter was shocked as had he known it was going to be his, he would have put in his best effort.
This is perhaps a story to learn from especially when we tend to slacken in our work. All the tasks we do should be enjoyed and carried on with pleasure. More importantly, we should be able to inspire others to do the same which will help the organisation grow together. These are the small nuances of life that make it worth living. has a number of management study programs for those in the industry which can bring in a whiff of fresh life into their careers. Enrolling for these programs can help update oneself to the latest happenings and gain knowledge about the latest developments. If you are engulfed by the feeling of lack of motivation or interest, develop new skills and knowledge with the various programs offered by Click here to know more.

Organisations – a platform for learning?

Learning and education were at one time associated with only educational institutions but now have transcended those limits and are available everywhere.
Thanks to technology and the growing awareness that learning can happen anywhere, interested individuals have easy access to learning programs. The new and most suitable place where learning can and needs to take place is an organisation. All employees need to keep the learning process going to be on par with the changing and developing times.
Why should organisations be centres of learning?
Every organisation has something referred to as the organisational culture which reflects the values, the beliefs that an organisation stands for and is reflected in the goals and practices of the organisation. Learning is the best way to inculcate this culture among the employees.
How can organisations become centres of learning for employees?
Learning is a continuous process and happens all the time. Opportunities to learn, acquire knowledge and the values that an organization stands for need to made available to employees continuously.
An organisation should let the employees know that it supports learning in any form by providing the necessary resources. Employee training and development should be part of every organisation’s culture.
The employees should believe that their learning is of priority to the organisation. Encouragement should be given at every level and ample opportunities created.
A formal policy in the organisation regarding training of employees should be in place. This shows that employee learning is of utmost value.
Time and opportunities should be made available to employees to learn as well as develop skills and knowledge. It should be done in such a manner that daily work schedules are not affected.
The end of a training program does not signify end of the learning process. Employees should be made to understand that learning is an ongoing process and needs to be applied to their job and work activities.
These are some ways in which a conducive learning atmosphere can be created at a workplace.
What is the employee’s role as a learning professional?
Any employee should take advantage of the various learning opportunities provided by the organisation. He should acquire knowledge and skills related to his profession. The next step is to apply this newly acquired knowledge to his work. This will create more opportunities for him to learn and develop his career.
At, we understand the growing need for working professionals to enhance their knowledge and skills. It is absolutely necessary for them to be aware of the latest changes and happenings. has created study programs to cater to the needs of these individuals and moulded it in a very flexible format. The programs are many and can be accessed by anyone who wants to gain knowledge in management studies, be it students, fresh or experienced employed individuals. If you are looking for management programs which can be moulded into your daily schedule, then has it all. Click here for more.